Banks Deposit See a Rise of 0.3%, Standing at Rs 11,852bn!


As per a weekly document stating standings of all scheduled banks for 7 days ended 16th Feb, 2018; the deposits and different accounts linked with the banks totaled at Rs. 11,888.106 billion.

This number noted a rise of 0.3% in deposits as compared to last week’s number of Rs. 11,852.18 billion. Related with the previous year, the matching number of almost 10 bn, this week’s figure has seen a rise of 11.31%.

Talking about deposits of all commercial banks, they were noted to be Rs. 11,798.603 billion which last week were noted to be Rs. 11,758.231 billion. This also led to an increase of 0.34%. Specialized banks’ deposits and other accounts totaled at Rs. 89.503bn, which dropped by 4.77% compared to last week’s number of Rs.93.988 billion.

Moving on, total assets of scheduled banks totaled at Rs. 17,017.027 billion, increasing by 2.03% compared to last week’s number of Rs. 16,678.379 billion.

Complete assets for all commercial banks totaled at Rs. 16,729.002 billion, a rise of 2.03% compared to last week. Whereas, the complete assets of specialized banks stood at Rs. 288.025 billion, increasing by 2.2%, with a number of Rs. 281.837 billion.

Talking about gross advances for scheduled banks, they numbered at Rs. 6,620.732 billion, a rise of 0.35% compared to last week number of Rs. 6,597.571 billion.

Advance-giving by the commercial banks also increased by 0.36%, reaching Rs. 6,449.393 billion. However, the advances from specialized banks were noted to Rs. 171,340 billion compared to last week.

Scheduled banks’ borrowings rose in the week by 12.4% to a count of Rs. 2,880.838 billion which previously was Rs. 2,563.030 billion.

Commercial banks’ borrowings were recorded as Rs. 2,780.717 billion which were about 12.38% more than the preceding week’s figure of Rs. 2,474.435 billion.

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