SBP – State Bank of Pakistan Now Has a Facebook Page!


SBP has finally and formally opened its official Facebook page, as of March 23rd 2018 – marking the fortunate occasion of Pakistan day. The Facebook page can be visited through this link.

The launch will bring about attraction to the students, people related to academia, business people, journalists and financial specialists. These will benefit from having an access to official announcements, details of the event, press releases and even have an interaction with the major bank.

SBP’s governor, Mr. Tariq Bajwa stated in his message that this initiative and similar other will help SBP in steady expansion as well as get aligned with contemporary ways to be updated with stakeholders. He stated,

“SBP communications not only bridge the information gap of its stakeholders but also promotes credibility and understanding of its policies and remove uncertainties in the best possible manner.”

In his interview on Facebook and Twitter for the bank, he opened noteworthy details on self as well as the future of the bank.
Mr. Abid Qamar – Chief Spokesman said in his statement that the bank will at all times work to keep to remain updated with modern technologies. The launch of its official page is a proof of the bank’s vision.

“SBP will continue to communicate authentic information about macroeconomic fundamentals, the stability of financial institutions and conduct of policy initiatives through Facebook account besides spreading awareness on matters of public interest to its audience globally,” he further stated.

SBP initially on 1st July 2015 had started its Twitter account which can be found at @StateBank_Pak.

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