Khalid Qurashi Resigns from His Position as Independent Director at Bank Alfalah!


Khalid Qurashi, a board member and independent director of Bank Alfalah has recently resigned from his position. He is the one among three others directly appointed by Atif Bajwa as director, former President and CEO of Bank Alfalah.

Per a stock listing, the board of directors accepted his resignation for the job. In the stipulated time period, the next appointment shall be done according to the given laws of State Bank of Pakistan.

Last year, Khalid is the second one to leave the bank’s Board of directors after Bajwa, former CEO, and director of Bank Alfalah.

Bank Alfalah has been noticing a changeover in management from the past year as the top-level bankers have switched the bank.

Khalid was acting an Independent Director of the bank from 2015. Formerly, he attended as an Independent Non-Executive Director of NMB Bank Limited, NMBZ Holdings Limited, and Citibank Nigeria Limited.

He has a significant experience in international banking and a retired banker. Has worked with a leading US International bank for 38 years and is proficient in corporate risk management.

Not just this, he has also worked with Citi Islamic Bank as the Vice Chairman and Chairman of the credit committee of a native African subsidiary.

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