About BankNews.Biz

Being one of the most reputed industry in Pakistan, the Banking sector and its financial intermediaries have the capacity to take the economy of this country to the next level. When talking about a platform where news-in-hand and prompt insights can be taken, there is not one such avenue in Pakistan. So, with the intention of filling this huge gap and connecting the people of this country with the financial hub, BankNews.Biz has been established.

The idea behind laying the foundation of this portal is to provide useful day-to-day updates and information related to the banking sector to the people. This can start off from knowing handy discount offers on your very own bank’s debit or credit card to various job vacancies (in a sector which is considered reputed) and other updates of the banking industry – all can be dug in at your very own one-stop avenue – BankNews.Biz.

Another objective in setting up this portal is to work for the development of the financial sector of Pakistan. BankNews.Biz also aims to bridge the gap between banks and professionals from different industry who can be facilitated with useful insights, forecasts, and reviews of their respective banks.

Thus, BankNews.Biz welcomes all professionals from the banking sector and related people to quote or share news as it is referred as valid. We believe that the best way to build up an industry is to share the reliable and related news.